In an almost relaxed atmosphere and far from the daily stress of our professional duties, the IT & IT Security Meeting program remains and will remain one of the best ways to get an overview of IT solutions, services and innovations in order to better understand certain investment decisions and/or changes in IT services in support of our business. Congratulations to the organizers of this program!

Stade de France

In a pleasant place and a friendly atmosphere, IT & IT SECURITY MEETINGS is the opportunity to carry out a technology watch and to discover many commercial players in a very short time. A very efficient approach.

Stefano Toselli

An excellent meeting. Rich in discoveries of technical solutions and professional meetings. I recommend it!

Polyclinique Cote Basque Sud

The organization is more than perfect, from registration to accompanying you back to the airport. Exhibitors and participants are available, very welcoming and attentive.

Mairie de Bordeaux

A very well organized exhibition allowing many relevant and efficient professional meetings! Not to be missed!


A very rewarding show which I am pleased to attend ... An impeccable organization and many opportunities for me to expand my technological projects on many solutions and to have contacts for future projects or exchanges.


A top-notch organization... Interesting meetings.

Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique

I really appreciated this show, the concept makes it easier to be in contact with service providers. The limited number of people allows us to be closer to the providers without having to wait a long time. The general organization was very good. The panel of service providers present allows us to respond to current projects.

Groupe Marck

A team at the TOP. An organization at the TOP. A mandatory IT show to answer in 2 days to its research, questions, problems.


Second participation and as effective as ever. The opportunity to meet many exhibitors and to identify possible solutions according to our projects in a short period of time. Looking forward to next year!